You Said

You Said
La Face Records, 1991

1. You Said, You Said
2. Rebel (With A Cause)
3. I Dream, I Dream (Interlude)
4. I Dream, I Dream
5. We're Making Whoopee
6. Treat You Right (Featuring Babyface)
7. Word To The Badd!! (Prelude)
8. Word To The Badd!! (Original Version) European release
9. A Lover's Holiday
10. Secrets
11. True Lovers
12.Don't You Deserve Someone
13. Word To The Badd!! (Album Version) European release 
14. You Said, You Said (Extended Remix)

In October 1991 Jermaine released his last solo album with new songs to date. The album was called You Said, and it was released at LaFace Records. LaFace Records was a record company founded in 1989 by the duo Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid and Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds. The album was released as a joint venture between LaFace Records and Arista Records. Jermaine was one of the first big artist signed to the LaFace Records label. The album contains twelve tracks produced by The LaFace Family, which consisted of L.A. Reid, Babyface, Daryl Simmons and Kayo. The style of the songs are vary from pop, soul and sometimes even rock. The album reached #39 in the R&B charts.

The track “You Said, You Said” was released as first single one of the fastest solo tracks Jermaine ever recorded. In the U.S. the single reached #25 in the R&B charts. The second single from the album “I Dream, I Dream” was released in April 1992 and did decent in the charts, peeking at #30 in the R&B charts.

Credit goes to Maarten Mulder for the discography information.


You Said, You Said
LaFace, 1991 
I Dream, I Dream
LaFace, 1992
Word To The Badd!!
LaFace, 1991

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