Feel The Fire

Feel The Fire 
Motown Records, 1977

1. Feel The Fire (Burning From Me To You)
2. You Need To Be Loved
3. Strong Love
4. Git Up And Dance
5. I Love You More
6. Happiness Is
7. Some Kind Of Woman
8. Got To Get To You Girl
9. Take Time

The follow up album of My Name Is Jermaine was released in August 1977 and is called Feel The Fire. Jermaine was more than ever involved in writing and producing the songs for the album, that was executive produced by Berry Gordy and dedicated to his first born son Jai (Jermaine Jackson Jr.).

Feel The Fire contains a lot of great R&B, Soul and Disco tracks, however the album reached only #34 in the R&B charts and #172 in the Pop charts. “You Need To Be Loved” was the first and only in the U.S. released single from the album with the track “My Touch Of Madness” from Jermaine’s previous album My Name Is Jermaine on the B-side. The single charted #75 in the R&B charts.

The album’s title and opening and track “Feel The Fire (Burning From Me To You)” was released as a single in Spain only featuring “Got To Get To You Girl” on the B-side, a song written by Jermaine. In Japan the ballad “I Love You More” was released with “You Need To Be Loved” on the B-side. .

Credit goes to Maarten Mulder for the discography information.


You Need To Be Loved
My Touch of Madness
Motown, 1977
Feel The Fire
Got To Get Your Girl
Motown, 1977 (Spain) 
I Love You More
You Need To Be Loved
Motown, 1977 (Japan)
 Take Time
You Need To Be Loved 
Motown, 1977
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