Jermaine Jackson gives back with charity VITÁ water

After entering the hospitality business, Jermaine also entered the bottled water business. On May 16th 2014, Jermaine sat down with Kevin Frazier of The Insider to talk about giving back with his charity VITÁ water.  On May 17, Jermaine and his mother Katherine were on hand at Whole Foods Tarzana to sign purchased bottles of VITÁ water. Jermaine explained to KCAL9′s Adrianna Weingold why he’s decided to venture into uncharted waters. He said his new product is all about giving back and philanthropy.  

VITÁ water (pronounced Vee-ta) is helping bring clean water to countries in need. “We’re the only ones that’s building wells and really caring about providing water, clean water for people who don’t have it,” said Jermaine. Vita uses a percentage of profits to build wells in places around the world where there isn’t enough clean water. For every 31 bottles of spring water sold, Vita has pledged to provide clean drinking water to one person for 20 years. For Jermaine and his family, it’s a cause they say is close to their hearts “Water is life and so this is just a continuation of what we’ve been about all of our lives, the Jackson family,” he said. Shakira Niazi, the company’s founder and CEO, is a refugee from Afghanistan. She escaped the war-torn country at just 8 years old, and says she’s made it her mission to help others. “Their smiles, their simple joy of celebrating life through just access to water,” says Niazi, explaining what led her to water.  After each well is built, Niazi says, it’s turned over to a women in the village to manage, empowering her, while giving thousands of people clean water for years to come. That is a cause Jermaine says he’s proud to be a part of. “The songs, the videos and everything that’s where it comes from, this is all representative of heal the world, we are the world, man in the mirror, this is all part of it and that’s why I’m here.”  VITÁ water has 18 finished wells — 2 in Ethiopia and 16 in Afghanistan. They say they hope to have thousands more in the years to come.