Jermaine Jackson in Germany: Guest on Ultimative Chart Show and speaker at Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2014

10 November: Ultimative Chart Show

Oliver Geisen welcomed Jermaine Jackson as a special guest on German TV "Ultimative Chart Show" in a 3-hour special about Michael Jackson's career. that was recorded on November 10th near Cologne, Germany. Also a guest on the show is Michael's former manager Dieter Wiesner, as well as punk legend Nina Hagen and Florian Moderator. Performing on stage are violinist David Garrett playing a Jackson medley, the cast of 'Thriller Live' show sings 'Black Or White', Sunrise Avenue performing 'The Way You Make Me Feel', Nina Hagen performs 'Heal The World' and Jermaine Jackson performed "Gone Too Soon". The show airs on RTL on November 21st 21.15 o'clock. 

8 November: Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2014 

where  Jermaine is among the speakers of The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2014 A World without Walls; Opportunities for Peace Building in a Time of Global Insecurity. The conference is hosted at a number of important political, historic, and cultural locations across the city of Berlin, November 7th - 10th, 2014. The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy is the world’s leading event within its field and traditionally hosted and organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and other leading organizations at the end of the calendar year. The 2014 conference brings together over 300 world leaders coming from the fields of politics and religious together with senior academics and celebrated artists traveling to Berlin from all corners of the world to promote global peace in our interdependent world. The 2014 Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy is held in the framework of the Berlin celebrations of the 25th Anniversary for the fall of the Berlin Wall. This year’s conference is titled “World Without Walls” to emphasize the great changes that took place in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall and to symbolize the many political, economic and cultural walls that still exist in today’s society. This year’s conference will focus on these boundaries and issues.  The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was a historic catalyst that led to a change in the world’s political, economic and cultural landscape. In the tumultuous aftermath, Eastern Europe witnessed the emergence of dozens of states which led to today’s European Union. The events in Berlin also brought transformation to other parts of the world very far from the Berlin Wall, including regions as far afield as Africa and Asia, and also laid the groundwork for the world we experience today. 

Watch Jermaine Jackson's keynote and interview at The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2014 A World without Walls; Opportunities for Peace Building in a Time of Global Insecurity on November 8th, 2014. In his speech Jermaine stated that God, love and a passion for positive change in your life are key elements and that respect is what we need to make the world a better place. And respect starts at home. Jermaine also talked about his upbringing, faith and music as a universal language.