Jermaine Jackson and Coronet set Guinness World Record presenting and playing Most Jewels on a (functioning) Guitar

Jermaine Jackson and Diamond jeweller Coronet broke the world record on March 17th 2016 for most jewels on a guitar presenting and playing the Coronet Gemstone Guitar at Baselworld 2016. The extravagant instrument art piece, a Gibson SG, titled ‘Circles of Life’ is encrusted with 16,033 Swarovski gemstones and is co-designed by Jermaine Jackson (and product director of Aaron Shum Jewelry Alice Trinh) and sponsored by Swarovski Gemstones. Jermaine who officiated at the event  performed "Let's Get Serious" (exactly 36 years after releasing the hit song) on the Coronet Gemstone guitar with the Most Jewels. Jermaine also unveiled his new jewellery line at the event in Basel which comprises of three fine jewely lines to celebrate the Jackson 5’s 50th anniversary. Congrats Jermaine Jackson! 

“Music, like jewelry, unites us and has the ability to spread love and joy. Let us never forget its power” 

- Jermaine Jackson, March 17th, 2016 at Baselworld