Jermaine Jackson Plans Theme Park and Art School in Honor of Michael Jackson in Shanghai, China

Jermaine Jackson signed a deal on April 15th, 2016 to set up a studio in Shanghai, consisting of a theme park and art school in honor of his late brother Michael Jackson. Jackson signed the deal with HoLLyWood Cultural Industry Development (Shanghai) Ltd. to launch "The EMPEROR Group" studio during his business trip to China last weekend. Jermaine also inspected several locations in Shanghai looking for sites to build The Jacksons theme park and an art school and a concert in memory of Michael Jackson. Jermaine also has some other projects to occupy his time while he’s in China, he is looking for a Chinese publisher for his Michael memoir, he’s trying to discover young talent in Shanghai for his family’s Hollywood studio and he even has been named musical director for the forthcoming film “Jews’ Stories in Shanghai”, a Chinese-American film co-production about the story of the Jews in Shanghai during 1939.  Jermaine also plans to work with his Chinese partners to produce a theme song entitled "The Shadow of Heaven" for the film.