Jermaine Jackson talks Muhammad Ali's impact on his family

Jermaine Jackson also posted the following on Twitter in response to the passing of Muhammad Ali:

Thoughts and prayers with our dear friend Muhammad Ali. #thegreatest #keepfighting
As boys, we huddled around the radio as Muhammad Ali floored Sonny Liston. In 1975, he walked into, and blessed, our lives...
Like a playful uncle, he shadow-boxed, he levitated, he inspired, he taught us self-belief. He was the sweetest, friendliest of men...
He was the greatest there ever was. As a boxer, as a man, as a friend to our family. So many unforgettable memories.
You shook up the world, champ. Now go rest in peace. #RIPMuhammadAli

- Jermaine Jackson on Twitter, 4 June 2016