2300 Jackson Street

2300 Jackson Street
CBS, 1989

1. Art Of Madness
2. Nothin (That Compares 2 U)
3. Maria
4. Private Affair
5. 2300 Jackson Street
6. Harley
7. She
8. Alright With Me
9. Play It Up
10. Midnight Rendezvous
11. If You'd Only Believe

The single "Nothin' (That Compares To You)" features the previously unreleased track "Please Come Back To Me" on the B-side. 
The single "Art Of Madness" features the previously unreleased track "Keep Her" on the B-side. 
The single "2300 Jackson Street" featuring the previously unreleased tracks "When I Look At You" on its B-side, hits #9 on the Billboard R&B charts. 


2300 Jackson Street
B-side: When I Look At You
Epic Records, 1989
Art of Madness
B-side: Keep Her
Epic Records, 1989
Nothin' (That Compares To You)
B-side: Please Come Back To Me
Epic Records, 1989
Epic Records, 1989
Private Affair (promo)
CBS Records, 1989


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