I Like Your Style

I like your style 
Motown Records, 1981

1. I Gotta Have Ya
2. I'm Just Too Shy
3. You're Givin' Me The Runaround
4. Paradise In Your Eyes
5. Is It Always Gonna Be Like This
6. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
7. Maybe Next Time
8. I Can't Take No More
9. It's Still Undone
10. I'm My Brother's Keeper

In September 1981 Jermaine’s eight solo album for Motown, titled I Like Your Style was released and dedicated to his brothers. Jermaine wrote and produced all the song on the album, except for one track that he co-wrote. In the U.S. the album reached #31 in the R&B charts and #86 in the Pop charts.

Two singles were released from the album. The first single was in the U.S. in September 1981 was called “I’m Just Too Shy” with the song “All Because Of You” on the B-side, a track from Jermaine’s previous album Jermaine. The single reached #29 in the R&B charts and #60 in the Pop charts. The second U.S. single was released in February 1982 was the song “Paradise In Your Eyes” not making too much impact on the charts with a #60 peek in the R&B charts.

A special track on the album is “I’m My Brother’s Keeper”, a tribute song to his brothers and written by Jermaine and Elliot Willensky.

Credit goes to Maarten Mulder for the discography information.


I'm Just Too Shy 
All Because Of You
Motown, 1981 
Paradise In Your Eyes 
I'm My Brother's Keeper
Motown, 1982