Motown Records, 1980

1. The Pieces Fit
2. You Like Me Don't You
3. Little Girl Don't You Worry
4. All Because Of You
5. You've Changed (Interlude)
6. First You Laugh, Then You Cry
7. I Miss You So
8. Can I Change My Mind
9. Beautiful Morning

After the success of Let’s Get Serious, Jermaine didn’t take long to release its follow up in December of 1980. The album was (again) called Jermaine, like his debut solo album from 1972. The album contains nine tracks and, except for two, were all produced by Jermaine Jackson. Executive producers were Berry Gordy and Hazel Gordy. The album did well in the charts, it reached #17 in the R&B charts and #44 in the Pop charts.

Two singles were released from the album. “Little Girl Don’t You Worry” was the first single released from the album in October 1980. The single reached #17 in the R&B charts. The second single was the soulful song “You Like Me Don’t You”, a song written Jermaine and released in January 1981 to become a hit with a #13 position in the R&B charts and #50 in the Pop charts. The song “First You Laugh, Then You Cry” was released in Japan as A-side single.

Other nice tracks from the album are the up-tempo tracks "The Pieces Fit" and "Can I Change My Mind", and the ballads "I Miss You So" and "Beautiful Morning".

Credit goes to Maarten Mulder for the discography information.


Little Girl Don't You Worry
We Can Put It Back Together
Motown, 1980 
You Like Me Don't You
 You Like Me... (Instrumental)
Motown, 1981 
First You Laugh, Then You Cry
Little Girl Dont You Worry
Motown, 1981 (Japan) 





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