Motown Records, 1978

1. Let It Ride
2. The Force
3. Take A Trip To My Tomorrow
4. Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (I Love You)
5. You Gave Me Something To Believe In
6. I Love Every Little Thing About You
7. Isn't She Lovely
8. Castles Of Sand

The album Frontiers was released in 1978 and dedicated to Jermaine’s daughter Autumn Joi. The album contains eight tracks of which three produced by Jermaine Jackson and Michael McGloiry and a couple by long time collaborator Hal Davis. Executive producers for Frontiers were Berry Gordy and Hazel Gordy.

Only one single was released from the album, which is the soulful song “Castles Of Sand”. It was released in March 1978 with “I Love Every Little Thing About You” on the B-side. The single reached #38 position in the R&B charts.

Credit goes to Maarten Mulder for the discography information.


Castles Of Sand
I Love Every Little Thing About You
Motown, 1978