Do Unto Others

In between Come Into My Life (1973) and My Name is Jermaine (1976), Jermaine recorded another and third studio album Do Unto Others at Sigma Studios in 1975 in Philadelphia that was never released. 

"Do Unto Others" catalog number is M830 and Jackson 5's Moving Violation (1975) is M829.  

The album titled Do Unto Others was produced by Norman Harris and remains unreleased.

The track "Good For The Gander" recorded during the album sessions was later released on The Spirit of Philadelphia album (2002). 

Three other tracks from the album’s recording sessions titled “Do Unto Others”, “Hide and Seek” and “Keep Our Fingers Crossed” leaked online. 

In late 1975, Joseph Jackson was negotiating with several record companies for a new contract for his sons outside the Motown empire. Jermaine decided to stay loyal to Motown and the company’s owner and his father-in-law Berry Gordy promised that Motown would make Jermaine a priority for his solo career. 

Jermaine's next album release at Motown was My Name Is Jermaine (1976), re-introducing himself again after the split up with his brothers. 

The propossed track list: 

  • Do Unto Others
  • 50/50
  • Lucky Charm [Norman Harris; Allan Felder]
  • Hide and Seek
  • Just Can't Get Around You [Norman Harris; James Hendricks; Allan Felder]
  • Somewhere From Now  [Theodore Life; John Fitch]
  • Keep Our Fingers Crossed [Ron Tyson; Allan Felder; Norman Harris]
  • Startin' Out On The Wrong Foot
  • Two Is Company
  • (What's) Good For The Gander [Norman Harris; Allan Felder]
  • Home
  • Win Or Lose