Come Into My Life

Come Into My Life 
Motown Records, 1973

1. Sitting On The Edge Of My Mind
2. You're In Good Hands
3. I Need You More Now Than Ever
4. If You Don't Love Me
5. A Million To One
6. The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)
7. Does Your Mama Know About Me
8. Come Into My Life
9. So In Love
10. Ma

In 1973, Motown released Jermaine’s second album for the label titled Come Into My Life with Berry Gordy as the executive producer of the album.

“You’re In Good Hands” was released a single and featured “Does Your Mama Know About Me” on the B-side.
The track “The Bigger You Love” was also released with “I’m In A Different World” as B-side.

Credit goes to Maarten Mulder for the discography information.


You're In Good Hands
Does Your Mama Know About Me
Motown, 1973
The Bigger You Love
I'm In A Different World
Motown, 1973