Let's Get Serious

Motown Records, 1980


Let's Get Serious
Where Are You Now
You Got To Hurry Girl
We Can Put It Back Together
Burning' Hot
You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me
Feelin' Free

Jermaine recorded at least three tracks from Let’s Get Serious in Spanish. The following tracks were released on a super rare Mexican album vinyl:
* En Serio (Let’s Get Serious),
* Te Tienes Que Apurar Chica (You Got To Hurry Girl)
* Lo Podemos Arreglar (We Can Put It Back Together)



Jermaine teamed up with family friend and Motown labelmate Stevie Wonder, who produced three tracks ("Let's Get Serious", "Where Are You Now" and "You"re Supposed To Keek Your Love From Me" for the album Let's Get Serious. Stevie co-wrote and sings on the track "Let's Get Serious" with Jermaine. During a lot of Stevie's sessions for the album Songs In The Key Of Life, Jermaine was present in the studio.