Jermaine wrote his memoirs in the book You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through A Brother's Eyes, published in 2011 which is an intimate, loving portrait of his brother Michael, illuminating the private man like never before. In 2013, the book was fully revised and updated to include the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. The book is an Amazon and New York Times best seller and a must-read for everyone!  

Touchstone US, 2011
 Touchstone US, 2012
 Harper Collins UK, 2011
Harper Collins, 2011
Abridged Audiobook 
 Harper Collins UK, 2012
You are not alone -
Mein Bruder
Michael Jackson
German edition
Hannibal, 2012
La vita del re
del pop vista
attraverso gli occhi
di suo fratello
Italian edition, 2011
Nejsi sám: Michael
očima svého bratra
Czech edition, 2011
Fortuna Libri
Nie jesteś sam Michael
oczami brata

Polish edition
Dreams Books, 2012
You're not alone.
Le vrai Michael
dans les yeux
de son frère

French edition
Michel Lafon, 2012
        Harper Collins, 2012
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