The 4th child of the The Jackson Family Dynasty: the World's Most Popular Music Family and Pop Royalty

Personal life

Jermaine married for the first time at the age of 19 and has been in several marriages and relationships.

On December 15, 1973, Jermaine married Hazel Joy Gordy, daughter of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy. The couple had three children together: Jermaine, Autumn and Jaimy.

Jermaine had a relationship beginning in 1986 with Margaret Maldonado. After the divorce from Hazel in 1988, Jermaine began living with Margaret and he had two children with her: Jeremy an Jourdynn.

After separating from Margaret, Jermaine began a relationship with Alejandra Patricia Loaiza (whom had already had two children with Jermaine's brother, Randy, daughter Genevieve and son Randy Jr.). Alejandra had two sons with Jermaine: Jaafar and Jermajesty. Jermaine and Alejandra divorced in 2008. 

Jermaine married Halima Rashid in 2009, an Afghan native. Halima filed a divorce petition on June 21st, 2016, citing irreconcilable differences and seeking spousal support. 

Jermaine is currently in a relationship with Maday Velázquez Guttierez. She is from Cuba and was a participant on Telemundo’s Gran Hermano US early 2016.

Jermaine became a grandfather on January 20th, 2017, when his oldest son Jermaine Jr and his longtime girlfriend Shah's of Sunset reality star Asa Soltan Rahmati welcomed their son Soltan. 

Mohammad Abdul Aziz Sharif

In 1989, after a trip to Bahrain, Jermaine converted to Islam. His Muslim name is Mohammad Abdul Aziz Sharif. Jermaine speaks about his beliefs in interviews to help bridge the gap between the East and the West and spread awareness of Arab and Islamic culture.  

Jermaine Jacksun

On November 6, 2012, Jermaine filed a name change petition in Los Angeles, from Jermaine Jackson to Jermaine Jacksun, stating the switch was for "artistic reasons". His last name officially became Jacksun on February 22, 2013. 

The next generation

Jermaine is blessed with seven children and two grandchildren. The next generation of Jacksons may not all choose a career in the spotlight, however many of them continue the legacy that their fathers, aunts and uncles started by being creative and innovative and making an impact in the entertainment and music industry.  
  • Jermaine La Juane, born 27 January 1977, to Jermaine Jackson and Hazel Joy Gordy portrayed his father as a teenager in the minseries The Jacksons: An American Dream in 1992. He also narrated the audiobook of Jermaine's memoirs You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through A Brother's Eyes. Jermaine Jr prepared a career in music as a teenager but never released a song. He is currently doing music and may launch a singing career, however he and his longtime girlfriend Shah's of Sunset reality start Asa Soltan Rahmati started a family and welcomes their newborn son Soltan on January 20th, 2017. 
  • Autumn Joi, born 16 June 1978 to Jermaine Jackson and Hazel Joy Gordy is contributing to both the Jackson and Gordy family legacies through her work within the technology, entertainment and fashion industries? She is co-founder and CFO of Taction Enterprise alongside her husband, Narinder Singh who is also a founding partner and CEO. Taction Enterprises specializes in capacitive technology. The first roll-out product will be the T-Music Glove which is a wireless, midi-glove, controller with full after touch features. Another company that Autumn and Narinder founded together is SISU Entertainment, a creative entertainment consultancy company for production, consultancy and branding. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for Autumn’s fashion brand JUNC..
  • Jaimy Jermaine, born 17 March 1987 to Jermaine Jackson and Hazel Joy Gordy, has no musical ambitions. Jaimy works in IT related businesses. 
  • Jeremy Maldonado, born 26 December 1986, to Jermaine Jackson and Margaret Maldonado is a guitarist and played on stage during solo concerts of his father Jermaine in 2010. 
  • Jourdynn Michael, born 5 January 1989, to Jermaine Jackson and Maragret Maldonado, is married to Marike le Roux. Jourdynn works as a photographer, including for fashion label L'Agence, a company founded by his mother Margaret. Marike works as a model and catwalk artist. The couple welcomed newborn daughter Bobbi on 29 November 2017. 
  • Jaafar Jeremiah, born 25 July, 1996 to Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Patricia Loaiza. is a rising singer, songwriter and entertainer. Beginning his music career at the tender age of 12, Jaafar is well versed in playing the piano and has developed a slew of techniques and a wealth of knowledge of music and artistry. Jaafar's timeless tenor voice, captivating swagger, and magnetic Pop and R&B vibe are sure to lead him to influence people of all demographics. 
  • Jermajesty Jermaine, born 3 October 2000 to Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Patricia Oaiaz is a freshly minted teen who is also preparing his music career and he will be right behind Jaafar to take over the music industry!   
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