Collaboration with André Rieu

André Rieu & Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine is well known for his many musical collaborations throughout his career but the one with André Rieu marks his first classical adventure and a dream come true. Michael told Jermaine that he should sing with an orchestra and Jermaine did just that!  

André Rieu Studios

During Jermaine's stay in Antwerp, Belgium to perform at Night of the Proms in November of 2012, he visits the André Rieu Studios in Maastricht with Halima. The artists meet for the first time and agree to collaborate in the near future. 

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19 November, 2012. Photos courtesy of andrerieu.com

Studio time in Maastricht

In February of 2013, Jermaine spends ten days to collaborate with André Rieu and rehearse at his studios, where they also speak to the press and announce that Jermaineis one of the guest performers of André Rieu & Friends concerts at the famous Vrijthof square in Maastricht in July. 

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5 Febraury, 2013. Photos courtesy of andrerieu.com. 

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6 February, 2013. Photos courtesy of ANP.  

Jermaine also spends time as a tourist, including meeting the city’s mayor and joining Carnival celebrations. He also records vocals for the song “Flying solo”, as a favor for Dutch artist Jeronimo, who’s currently a protégé of Jermaine’s former manager Charlie Prick.

Back in Maastricht

Halima, Jaafar and Jermajesty join Jermaine when he returns to Maastricht on July 9. They join him at his rehearsal at André Rieu studios the next day, July 10th.  André is a very good musician and makes sure that every tune and sound from instruments is perfect. Jermaine’s voice sounds amazing during rehearsals. People inside the studio applaud him every time he finishes a song.

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10 July, 2013. Photos courtesy of ANP.  

The next day, July 11th, Jermaine rehearses at the studio again, joined by Jaafar and Jermajesty, and he walks around town with his sons while doing some interviews. In the evening, they attend a local baseball game.

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11 July, 2013. Photos courtesy of Lourens Bouvrie and ANP.

On 12 July, just hours before the first show in which Jermaine will perform, he does a sound check at the famous Vrijthof Square where Jaafar and Jermajesty also join him and watch their dad doing soundcheck and interacting with members of the orchestra.

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11 July, 2013. Photos courtesy of ANP. 

between the You Are Not Alone Musical Tour in France and the European leg of the Unity Tour with his brothers, Jermaine spends ten days in Maastricht in The Netherlands in February of 2013 to collaborate with violinist and composer André Rieu and the Johan Strauss Orchestra. During his stay in Maastricht, Jermaine agrees to perform with André during his annual Summer concerts at Vrijthof. 

12 July     André Rieu & Friends     Vrijthof      Maastricht, The Netherlands
13 July André Rieu & Friends Vrijthof Maastricht, The Netherlands
14 July André Rieu & Friends Vrijthof Maastricht, The Netherlands

André Rieu performed during the Michael Jackson & Friends concert in Munich, Germany on June 27, 1999.

On July 12, Jermaine takes the stage during André Rieu & Friends concert in Maastricht that is jam packed with about 10,000 people on the square who enjoy the performances by several guests artists including Dutch comic André van Duin and Trini Lopez. Jermaine performs “Smile” and receives standing ovations from the audience after he finishes the song. 

During the show’s finale, Jermaine returns to the stage to sing along to “Para Siempre” with all the other performers. The show doesn’t end after this finale because André and the orchestra continue to play for the audience. Jermaine gets back on stage and performs “When The Rain Begins To Fall”.

During the real finale of the show, all the performers return to the stage once more to sing “Ave” together. During this part, Jermaine has a lot of fun and laughs continuously having comic André van Duin standing next to him while all the performers wave to the audience for minutes.

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Photos courtesy of andrerieu.com

A Dutch TV network airs the Rieu & Friends concert in Maastricht during Christmas 2013. The broadcast receives the highest rating during the holidays with 1.740.000 viewers. 

Footage of Jermaine rehearsing at André Rieu Studios in Maastricht and performing on stage paying tribute to his brother Michael Jackson is featured in episode 4 "Starry Night in Maastricht" in the André Rieu documentary Welcome to My World. This documentary airs on UK Sky Arts channel in 2013 and Dutch channel NPO airs that episode on April 10th, 2015. 


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