Jermaine Jackson “J” Bass: Swarovski Crystal Ziricote and Maple 5-String

Wyn Guitars and Jermaine Jackson created a gorgeous custom Swarovski Crystal Ziricote and Maple 5-String Signature Bass Guitar. They toyed around with many different ideas for how the bass could look and what materials to use. From one that was pure white with clear jewels to lights and colored jewels to a variety of exotic hard woods. They decided that the first one would be all hardwoods as we prove out the concept of a great sounding and playing bass. The body wings are made in the shape of Jermaine’s trademark “J” out of Ziricote (the blackish wood), Quilted Maple (center of the “J”), African Mahogany and Padauk (body core layers). The neck is made from Eastern rock Maple and Wenge with Bubinga stripes. And they inlayed the rest of Jermaine’s name into the fret board. 

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All pictures are courtesy of Wyn Guitars.