Jermaine Jackson “J” Bass: Swarovski Crystal Ziricote and Maple 5-String

Wyn Guitars and Jermaine Jackson created a gorgeous custom Swarovski Crystal Ziricote and Maple 5-String Signature Bass Guitar. They toyed around with many different ideas for how the bass could look and what materials to use. From one that was pure white with clear jewels to lights and colored jewels to a variety of exotic hard woods. They decided that the first one would be all hardwoods as we prove out the concept of a great sounding and playing bass. The body wings are made in the shape of Jermaine’s trademark “J” out of Ziricote (the blackish wood), Quilted Maple (center of the “J”), African Mahogany and Padauk (body core layers). The neck is made from Eastern rock Maple and Wenge with Bubinga stripes. And they inlayed the rest of Jermaine’s name into the fret board. 

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Ivan Bitton Style House

Jermaine Jackson (as well as his girlfriend Maday Velázquez Guttierez) wears fashion and custom made designer clothing of Ivan Bitton Style House, a company that gives talented designers and stylists from all over the world the amazing opportunity to have their pieces used on famous celebrities. 

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Beyond the music

Always being a keeper of the flame, Jermaine Jackson formed companies or partnerships to create or represent (new) brands as he moves beyond the music in the worlds of entertainment, hospitality, jewelry, watches and food & beverages to make his dreams come true and turn his creative concepts into reality.


The Emperor Group

In 2016, Jermaine Jackson signed a deal with HoLLyWood Cultural Industry Development (Shanghai) Ltd. to launch “The EMPEROR Group”  to set up a studio in Shanghai, consisting of a theme park and art school in honor of his late brother Michael. Jermaine is also working with his Chinese partners to produce a theme song entitled “The Shadow of Heaven” for a Chinese-American film co-production about the story of the Jews in Shanghai during 1939. 


In the Women's Life interview (January 2016) Jermaine Jackson talked about the new project called JS9, saying: "I believe in JS9 because it’s real – I love it, I love to drink it. I have a vision for JS9 food and beverage company- no job too big or small. The foundation has to be strong and solid, the right team will sustain and stand- what makes us different is the health conscious ingredients and the charitable association of our products – it’s a brand that helps make changes in life and makes the world a better place and bring an awareness to what is going on. I want to see JS9 food and beverage company becoming a major player in the market."

JHH Entertainment

Along with Chinese business partners in Hong Kong, Jermaine Jackson established JHH Entertainment. JHH Entertainment is a global media and entertainment company. It marks a significant growth in strategic partnerships between East and West, the collaborations have proven there are mutual business advantages. JHH Entertainment also focus in talents representation and endorsements, music and film distributions, licensing, consumer products and other special projects.

Jackson House Holdings

Along with Chinese business partners in Hong Kong, Jermaine Jackson established Jackson House Holdings. Jermaine’s mission is to establish the Jackson name as a unique brand of hospitality and entertainment. Jermaine is travelling Asia and other places in the world to find locations to build Jermajesty Hotels and Resorts and to present entertainment products. The Jermajesty Hotels & Resorts combines 5-star deluxe hospitality with exciting entertainment by incorporating, amongst other activities, the Jackson Life Museum and Entertainment Centre in each resort. Jackson Life Entertainment Centre, which is a huge place you can go into with all kind of floors of entertainment, clubs, dance, music, restaurants and all kinds of memorabilia of The Jackson family’s career and legacy. Jackson Life Entertainment Centre will have the capability to broadcast concerts and TV shows for distribution over traditional and Internet TV. Jermajesty Hotels and Resorts will be the place to be seen and where you can lose yourself in high-end shopping bazaar, spoil yourself at fine dining on various exquisite cuisines, and get rejuvenated in one of the out-of-the-world health spas. 

Jackson Family Honors

In 1994, Jermaine was co-executive producer of The Jackson Family Honors special for NBC, which benefited charities. 

The Jacksons: An American Dream

In 1992, Jermaine produced The Jacksons: An American Dream, an award-winning and highly-rated miniseries about the history of The Jacksons, also see Memoirs