keeper of the flame

Always being a keeper of the flame, Jermaine Jackson formed companies or partnerships to create or new brands as he moves beyond the music in the worlds of entertainment, hospitality, jewelry, watches and food and beverages and more to make his dreams come true and turn his creative concepts into reality.

the jacksons: an american dream

In 1992, Jermaine produced The Jacksons: An American Dream, an award-winning and highly-rated miniseries about the history of The Jacksons, also see  Memoirs. Jermaine Jr. portrayed his father as a teenager in the minseries.

In 1994, Jermaine was co-executive producer of  The Jackson Family Honors special for NBC, which benefited charities.

moving beyond the music

JHH Entertainment

JHH Entertainment is a global media and entertainment company. It marks a significant growth in strategic partnerships between East and West, the collaborations have proven there are mutual business advantages. JHH Entertainment also focus in talents representation and endorsements, music and film distributions, licensing, consumer products and other special projects.

 Fine Jewelry

Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry was established as a collaboration with Coronet® and  JHH Entertainment and was launched in Baselworld 2016. Jermaine Jackson Fine Jewelry encompasses collections with diversified themes and creative designs. 

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Jelephant Tourbillon watch

The Jermaine Jackson JACKSON SERIES "Jelephant" Tourbillon watch was launched and introduced in 2017, as part of the first collaboration between  JHH Entertainment Ltd. and  Memorigin. The Jelephant Tourbillon Watch is designed by Jermaine Jackson. Time that never forgets!

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jackson house holdings

Jermaine’s mission is to establish the Jackson name as a unique brand of hospitality and entertainment. with Jermajesty Hotels and Resorts that combines 5-star deluxe hospitality with exciting entertainment by incorporating, amongst other activities, the Jackson Life Museum and Entertainment Centre in each resort.